There are places that are more than just one place. More than a corner, than a space.

Like this house, which is not just a house; It’s not just a home. It is something else, as if all that used to live in it was still hidden and could be  breathed. Stories of love and friendship, passions and laughter, meetings, hugs, whispers, aromas, looks. Memories that fill the farmhouse and all its surroundings.

We are in love with this place and want to share it. These are the views of Montseny and Bertí. It is this house in Barcelona, ​​in the middle of the river Valley of the Tenas, which breathes the Mediterranean areas of olive groves, holm oaks and oak groves. They are the forests, the gardens, it’s the fountain. It is the cypress road, the stone entrance.

It is a magical thing that smells, a special warmth. It is something you will feel when you step on it. When you know – even without saying – that this is your place. For its peace, for its smell, for its colors. Because it is so. Because you feel that it is here. And of course, everything will be possible:  creating an altar between Indian types,  removing the chairs outside , the dining room in the gardens,  arriving from the labyrinth or  making your vows to the gallery in the light of the candles. Because each wedding, each event is special. Every occasion invites us to transform the spaces,  making them unique,  making them yours. Sometimes the details will be: a touch of light, some bouquets of rosemary, an old bicycle, pumpkins, garlands, suitcases. Other times you have to reinvent yourself, making a corner comes back, having your touch, your soul.

Maybe that’s why Can Ribas is not just a place,  it is full of life and every corner keeps bits of stories. From first dances and passionate kisses, from magical  and eternal hugs. Of lights, costumes, colors, songs. From radiant brides, grooms crying, dream photos. Of precious memories. Of you, of them, of you.

Come, walk, tell us, fall in love. This is the place of your story.