You have dreamed so many times this moment: your arrival, a moment when everything stops. You look around and here you are, having all the people you love here, in this place. Because sometimes you do not look for a place, you look for the place. A corner that is already yours before you reach it, and that when you step on it you feel like it, that you have found it. It is certainty, a crush. That field among olive trees, that smell of lavender.


There are places that are more than a place. More than a corner, than a space..

There are months of praparation behing and there are years of dreams. An accomplice look, a smile; instants that you invent, that you imagine you will remember. Will reality be up to your desires?

From the moment you said “yes, let’s do it” – You have told everyone, Have you kept it secret? – You started a search with illusion and doubts. You look for something that is you, that is you. Something to share, something that will remain in your memory forever, that will be part of your history, of your history. You look for a place, a feeling, the tranquility and the conviction of a “yes, it was that”. A concrete warmth, a shine, a passion. Something that makes you live the preparation from naturalness and magic. Something your soul has.


Your places is Can Ribas: this is your house.
You only had to tell us your dreams and from that moment our team started working to make them true.