Civilian Wedding


You look around and here you are, among all the people you love; here, in this place. Because sometimes you don't look for a place, you look for the place. A corner that is already yours before you reach it, and when you step on it you feel that yes, that you have found it. It is a certainty, a crush. That field among olive trees, that smell of lavender.

Behind a wedding there are months of preparation and years of dreams. A complicit look, a smile; moments that you invent, that you imagine that you will remember. Will reality live up to your desires?


From the moment you said "yes, let's do it" - have you preached it to the four winds? Have you kept it secret? You started a search together with illusion and doubts. You are looking for something that is you, that is you. Something to share, something that will remain in your memory forever, that will be part of your history, of your history. You are looking for a place, a sensation, the tranquility and the conviction of a "yes, that was it".

A concrete warmth, a glow, a passion. Something that makes you live the logistics of preparation from the naturalness and magic. Something that has your soul.

Your place is Can Ribas: This is your home.


In Can Ribas we put all the possible facilities for you. We offer custom weddings and exclusive services that will make management even easier and more agile. You will have at your disposal a team of wedding planners dedicated to making your dream wedding come true with personalized attention in the civil ceremony and protocol management, as well as with the personalization of room assemblies, aperitifs and spaces..

You will also have an online program to facilitate the organization of table distribution.