Frequently Asked Questions

1Civil Ceremony

Once you have decided the date of your wedding, you have to do the processing of the matrimonial file.

The procedures always begin in the Civil Registry of your municipality where you are registered or have your habitual residence (one of you, or both of you, therefore, if you are registered in different towns, you can choose the one that suits you best).

If you want to do the ceremony in Can Ribas, you have to ask for the transfer of the marriage file already closed in the Peace Court of Bigues and Riells.

From Can Ribas, we are only in charge of quoting the Justice of the Peace in the day and time of your wedding in the gardens of Can Ribas.

2When will we talk about our wedding? When will we fix all the details?

After the presentation of dishes, preferably on a working day, you have to call us to meet. We will have an exclusive appointment with you to resolve doubts and close all the elements of the wedding, from the script of the party to the dishes chosen, and also talk about the centerpieces, decorations, etc.

3Our wedding music

From the moment you make the reservation in Can Ribas, you have contracted by default - but without commitment - the dj's Gartur.

Approximately one month before the wedding, your DJ will contact you, to arrange an appointment and make the script of the music for the party: they have to play and when, special music and the style of the music of the party.

If you want to contact them before, you can do it by email to or by phone at 666 431 631 (Xavi).

4Our kitchen

Attentive to the market and our environment, we track the best product and develop new service formulas. Perhaps the key is to reconsider what we took for granted. A gazpacho is a wedding dish? It depends. For our international clients without a doubt.

And for the local public? Surely also on condition to serve it only in season, with tomatoes from our orchard and refining the maximum taste. So, by always rethinking our work, we have been able to adapt to the times. We love wedding cake but we still like it more when our customers ask us for exactly what they are looking forward to. For example, replace the cake with a fresh, fruity, delicious dessert..

5Distribution of tables

All the boyfriends of Can Ribas have a direct access to our assembler of tables, with a user and password of access. Here you can distribute your guests at the tables and get an idea of how your living room will look on your wedding day.

Remember to write if the person is an adult or a child and if they have any allergies or special diets such as vegetarian, ovolactea, etc.

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